Friday, August 17, 2007

One agent commented:

"I do not feel this program will work for me. I prefer to speak with the agent scheduling a showing on my listings. I check my e-mails as often a possible but I can't check them as often as I check my cell phone messages. I prefer to receive a call and check the ID of the agent."

Thank you for your constructive criticism. Here are a few points that may serve as a constructive rebuttal.

You do have a point- with BAS, there is less personal communication. But email is the direction that almost everything is headed. Emailing appointments will not only save time, but help agents work more efficiently.

Yes, agents aren't always attached to their computer to check their emails. But since agents carry their phones everywhere - why not tell BAS to send a text message notifying you that there is a pending request.

The only agents who have access to BAS are ones that are full, active members of our association. Rest assured knowing that if someone's license or membership is not active, they will lose their access to BAS immediately. This should eliminate the need to check agent IDs.

Everyone has their preference. Of course there will be some that still want to receive calls - and that's their choice. But I hope some of the great features in BAS will help to convince you that phone calls aren't the only way to go.

Thanks for your comments!

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Angie said...

Saftey is the main reason for BAS. Only licensed agents and an adminstrator can access the system.
I caught 2 people in the past year attempting to show homes and another broker caught 6 that were not licensed. They have 6 digit id numbers because they listen to agents give them out. I was getting the number, checking MI License verification, then calling the office of the agent. What a hassel that became. If the agent was trying to show on the weekend and the agents office wasn't open, I couldn't allow them to show because I couldn't verify the license properly.

Your response tells me you haven't taken the class. You may want to just to see what the program offers.

Saftey first and just getting id numbers is not the way!