Monday, August 27, 2007

Questions From The BAS Session

I would like to thank those who have come out for the BAS demonstration this past week. A couple of questions came up during the sessions that I would like to address.

Who compared BAS and Showing Desk? The Broker Support Unit (BSU). All brokers are invited to the BSU meetings. All brokers have input. If your broker was not involved, it’s up to you to ask why. The BSU reviewed both programs. BAS has more to offer, per the BSU.

The BSU looked for a showing product to meet the needs of a desk agent, mobile agent, broker and most important, the client.

Did everyone involved know the product was just over a year old? Of course we did. Just because a product is new doesn’t mean it won’t work... or last. If you think about it, weren’t we all new at some point? Just because something is old doesn’t mean it is the best. Do you use a rotary dial telephone?

BAS is a live program. Not an off line database. The information is current within two hours. Safety is the main goal for me and my clients. An off line database cannot provide that. Simply taking a license number by the telephone and verifying on the Michigan Licensing web site is not enough. I had to show people in a demonstration how to look up licenses. This is not safe for you or your client.

Have you ever been attacked by a vagrant in a vacant home? I have. Once that happens, you look for any way to make our industry safer. Only members of FAAR have access to the codes in the BAS. I guess that’s another reason why I am so passionate about the program.

Please remember, I don’t work for BAS. I am a peer that is attempting to make our MLS System a little better. I do the demonstration on my own time.

What is the reward? If most the MLS users use BAS, my cell phone bill will decrease, my office will be better organized and my clients will be pleased.

Angie Ridley
Complete Realty, LLC


ericstamm said...

BAS is an excellent tool Im loving it very stream lined for showings and database records and tracking. Text message is also a great Idea BUT useless with out the lock box code being text along with the confirmation. would save us agents writing down codes while driving or scrambling to find the paper we jotted it down on. Thank You for BAS

Anonymous said...

Due to the limited number of characters allowed in text messages, BAS can't fit in all the showing instructions. If you have internet access via your phone, you could get right into your account and get all the showing instructions and even directions to the showing. :)

Angie said...

IF the agent puts the code in the notes, then it will come across on the text message. said...

BAS has listened and added showing instructions to the text message alerts! Read about it on the BAS Blog.